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Worth County, Georgia

And Its Influence on the Worth County - Sylvester, Georgia Free-Net

The following quote appeared in the first weekly Worth Online newspaper column by Michael Segers:
"Our county, full of quiet little towns, spacious farms, and the inevitable peanut fields, is the first community in the state of Georgia and one of the first in the nation to have a not-for-profit public access computer net." (Feb. 25)
Worth County had 19,745 inhabitants in 1990 (Census, CPH-5-12, p.23). In July 1996, its Free-Net (WC-SGFN) had 309 users in all, but only 190 active users (Guske). Assuming the population of the area has not changed since 1990, only 1.56% have accounts on the Free-Net, and less than 1% are active.

WC-SGFN was established by sysop Kent Guske with assistance from "the Worth County Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Development Authority", and it is sponsored by "the Bank of Worth, Jolane R. Guske, and Sunbelt Ford-Mercury" (Segers, Feb. 25)

The Free-Net is accessible through area public libraries and schools (Segers Jul. 14), six phone lines, and the Internet. It faces competition in the private sector from two local Internet service providers as well as commercial online services (Guske).

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